Jumat, 11 September 2009

kalo lo seneng ,gua seneng :)

i've just saw their pic :) ,syukurlah lo baik baik ajah .glad to know that you happy then.gu juga gamau muna ,though you already ruin my heart ,yah gu tetep ajah yahh gimana yahh ,bingung ngomongnya gimana .maybe it called a "care" or something .gua gak tau apa gu yang terlalu baik(baca:bego) ato gimana , yang pasti kalo lo seneng gu seneng :) ,gabisa gu benci,dendem dan teman2nya cause the only reason that i'm doing all this nasty stupid things, im sincere loving you at all ..

i don't care the other say what , kenangan kecil yang selalu keinget di otak gu made me always think about our stupid moments haha .apalagi di tempat2 yang pnah di datengin bareng . i know it couldn't back ,for forever .i knew it ,everything was gone too far happened .
i won't regret it ,but honestly i can't forget you yet .im trying ,hardly .with all sort and so much suggestion

and the important thing that i wanna say was ,don't ever let her go and doing the stupid mistake again to her ,you lucky to have it .
begin your new life with not doing all mistake that you ever made it to me
let during a year i make it for life experiences

just go away find your happiness ,i'm okay .

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